Cult of the emonG

A recent extract from an ”intercepted” communication between two priests of the Cult of emonG

Lionel, Priest of the 6th order. C of e

Q: As a world religion, why has the C of e never sought charitable status?

Jim, Priest of the 3rd order. C of e

A: Governments, especially “benevolent” ones offer charitable deductions on tax returns for example. Those wishing to claim a deduction are thus sharing potentially “sensitive” information, by giving donation information to their government.

Anyone making such a deduction claim is not only sharing which charitable organizations they are associated with but also how serious and committed they are to those organizations. The size and frequency of donations speaks volumes! Also many governments offer tax-deductible allowances to leaders of organizations, such a priests, pastors and the like, which further defines the persons role within an organization.

When things turn “nasty”, the “government” has all the information it needs to seek out “serious” followers and leaders and deal with them …

It is especially interesting that Christian groups which have at their disposal the revelations of the Bible would choose to register with the government in order to get charitable status. The Bible includes prophetic utterances about such things as the Mark of the Beast etc.

It would seem that these Christian groups are either extremely naïve or somewhat blinded by greed to ignore this obvious warning in their own scriptures. In the same way that most Jews missed the first coming of the Messiah, these Christian groups point towards future electronic implants etc. as the Mark of the Beast but fail to recognize the obvious.

Q: As far as the followers of Christ, have some seen the Light throughout the ages?

A: Of course, but much like us they have remained “invisible” to the world.

We are emonG you!