Waiting for the revolution

How much longer will you watch the Evening News?
Or converse with those voices in your head?
Should you keep pretending the visions never happened?
Go on; deny you spent the summer making pickles,
Or that visit to Saturn on a weekend retreat.
It’s actually quite obvious that,
The revolution hasn’t started.

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Middle-aged icons rule the world,
Pursuing economics that you never understand.
Frankly, you just don’t give a damn anymore,
No matter how much your head aches,
You calmly suggest that,
The revolution hasn’t started.

The people who live next door,
Think the world is ending soon.
They like things the way they are,
As they step into the morning fog.
Everyone fears the next eclipse,
Yet the possibility is strong that,
The revolution hasn’t even started.

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As nothing you say has any meaning,
We discuss the possibility of pregnancy.
If she touches your lips would she hear a symphony?
Maybe even seduction is still a slight possibility.
Surely as we have dishonored logic,
The revolution must have started.

We count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder,
Although, not understanding the reason why.
Maybe a tradition passed on by our elders,
Like kissing under Mistletoe.
The warnings of the committee members,
Have been listed on stone tablets throughout the ages
So surely Judgment is near at hand.
Even your patience has a limit.
So as you thump your fist upon the kitchen table,
The revolution has truly started.

Hardly Gnome © 2002