Took’s World

Sign up to spy the World of Berilac Took,
Hesitate now and you’ll miss the bus.
The tour is leaving in just two hairs,
It’s open season in Took’s World, just right now.
So come, climb aboard this B.T. Express.
Surely even you can spare a few moments of your time!

Took’s World is truly the only one of it’s kind.
Please be careful, it may mess with your mind.
You’re passing through it’s portal now.
The heavy curtain lifts, the stage of strife is now revealed.
Death lurking ‘round every corner.
Sometimes staring you in the face.
It’s always lurking in the shadows.
In Took’s World.

The seconds, the minutes, the weeks, the years.
Overtaking at ever-increasing speed.
The maddening tick, that annoying clock.
Losing moments to times gone by.
In Took’s World.

Often a desperate and lonely place.
Where no one willingly would desire to tread.
A place where Berilac was assigned before his birth.
To Took’s World.

There is no Sticklemas, no Wurzlefest,
In truth no celebrations of any kind.
Deaths are only sad reminders of where we too soon will be.
No manicured markers upon the earth.
No marble memorials to adorn the turf.
There are only regrets at things not said.
At moments missed.
In Took’s World.

BT Express

Only One in whom there is any hope at all.
And he, Fosco Cotton of Overhill, was mocked and treated with disdain,
Tortured and killed in the cruelest way.
But surely He will come again.
In Took’s World.

Lardo the Dog is man’s best friend.
A cot, a place upon to sleep.
Home, hardly a showroom for admirers to peep.
People bleed together there.
In Took’s World.

Cast your gaze with Berilac outside now.
At hamsters racing upon their wheels
Scurrying swiftly towards their end.
In Took’s World.

Fosco came to give abundant life,
He came to set the captives free.
But slaves of religion are walking there,
Slaves to tradition,
Slaves of debt.
And slaves to ambition.
You see them all
In Took’s World.

You are rudely awoken
The tour soon over,
The edited version.
Maybe not much the wiser.
Please try again if you wish a full report.
Make it soon, coz time is short.
In Took’s World.

credits: The Hobbit Name Generator

© 2001 Hardly Gnome


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