The emerging prophets

a new season of growth – the emerging prophets

Fragment retrieved from the Gardening News (vol. ccxvi p. 23)

“The most advanced and effective form of control is when those being manipulated are totally unaware of it.

It follows that if you are being successfully exploited right now, you will be oblivious to it and therefore the willing fodder of the controllers.”

Lets not suggest for a moment that there is some huge worldwide conspiracy, but that there are a number of controlling influences acting simultaneously may make it appear that way.

The most common underlying human nature to love ones neighbour as oneself.

However, it is often good to create the impression that we really do care, if we are the controller.
Fear may often be secondary motivating factor used to dampen independent.
Fear motivates us to protect that which already has been obtained by greed.

There is a slight problem for any controller however. A small number of individuals are at least partially immune to any form of control and are aware of the foul odour it gives off, however faint.

It can be a desperately confusing situation for these particular individuals as they may be seeing white when everyone around them says they see black. They may be seeing men with sticks knocking little balls around when everyone around them thinks golf is serious business.

To keep their invisible control intact and effective, it is in the interest of the controller to keep marginalizing these particular individuals.

The controller would seem to have the advantage, as these persons are so few and far between that the chance of them joining together and in some way validating a different experience of the world would be somewhat remote.

Most people have a need to fit in and belong, so many suppress the glimpses of awareness they may be having. There are a myriad of ways of actively inducing mental numbness to achieve this, the most obvious being drug abuse, but the list of possibilities is endless.

Others, thinking they are alone with their disturbing perceptions are defeated by the continuing alienation they feel and ultimately descend into various levels of insanity to cope with life.

Then there is the “clean up crew”. These are groups formed by people who have some limited awareness of the truth but have decided to use it to their own advantage. The foul odour of the controller has become a sweet fragrance for them. They desperately want a small piece of the action for themselves. They may form or be part of religious or marketing groups for example. However, they just become unwitting agents of the controller as they further scramble the truth.
The aware ones that survive somewhat intact from all of this, we will call the emerging prophets.

When does prophet become one you may ask?

Is it after the prophets first utterance?
Will the prophet speak to ears that are deaf?

If the prophet speaks now, what would this achieve, but the prophets own demise?

Yes, ears must be opened first?
The prophet must wait until spring!

Advice not to take.
Stand tall.
You make a better target.

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