Martin&MarioALTWebLiving death

I am my greatest hero
Be it by necessity.
“Fighting alone on deserted beaches”
Jousting with imaginary foes.
No one looking on ‘cept You.
Invisible yet all powerful Son.

The barbs,
The derisive comments,
Sometimes even complete rejection.
Conjured by my very presence.
What do you fear?
Is there really no box to fit me in?

Mommy, surely you can kiss it better?
Sorry son, you’re way past that!

Alas life is meaningless,
Even the Bible says it’s so,
Why did the chicken cross the road?
If just to escape the axe of the hungry philosopher?

Jesus is freedom.
Trouble is,
Men got a hold of His words,
Finding yet new ways to enslave us.

Regrettably, existence is hollow.
Consider the ant and his fellows.
Are we really that much different?
Consciousness, yes!
What have we done with it?
They, at least, clean up!

So you think you are superior?
Try going against the flow,
Contrary to the well worn path.
Life has its way of adjusting you.
To conform,
To fit in,
Oh so subtly.

Will Norman Normal please stand up?
Oops, the room is full of them!
And you really thought you were different?
That’s a laugh!

God is love,
Doesn’t mean comfy
Ask Noah or Job.
Doesn’t mean cosy,
Try wearing Moses’ sandals for even a day!

Don QuixoteSadly, living is futile.
We are surrounded with misinformation.
Unwitting victims of someone’s agenda,
Of successful propaganda.
Why else those bright green lawns?
Dandelion free,
Poisoned with pesticides.
Our grass is killing us!
All in the name of what?

The Holy Spirit speaks to us.
Is he really telling that preacher to raise 18 million by Friday?
The Holy Spirit fills us.
Does the soulish cries of pain and suffering
You endured as a child, when so released,
bear witness of His Holy presence?

Unfortunately, our time here is worthless.
But surely not all is lost?
“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”, said Jesus.
Surely, here is someone worth fighting for.

He even sets the captives free
Not only from the cursed TV.

Join the battle
Join the fight
“Even in the dead of night”.

After all,
“That is what a hero’s life is all about,”
“Never gives up,”
“Will always fight,”
“Even in ……”
You know the rest!

Hardly Gnome © 2002