If six billion people believe it is so. Is it really so?
If a voice cries out in the wilderness, who will listen?
I have given you bread in abundance.
Why have you given My children scraps?
In the name of freedom and justice you have defended riches that are Mine.
I am an orphan, lonely and hungry, I cry out in dark and desolate streets.
I am a widow, my right hand cut off, my source of income removed.
I wail in anguish for my children.
I am a baby. I have no tears left. They have dried up in despair.
I am starving, sighing my last breath.
I am unborn. Who will protect me from the knives of the destroyer?

You have covered your eyes.
You cannot see my suffering.
You have shut your ears.
You cannot here my cries.
You speak messages from My Word, but My heart is not in them.

Riches that were meant to bring Me glory have seduced you.
I blessed you so you might bring comfort to the sick, the oppressed, the poor and the broken hearted.
You proclaim freedom for the captives, but your words are empty.