dreary and weary
life is much shorter than death

the prophet is looking for fun
he speaks only of money like a man in a trance
he seems to be anaemic

he is cute, I admit it
he goes skinny dipping
and is more dangerous than you know
since I have helped him through the demilitarized zone.

let me speak to you of love
slowly, gently
while the sun still shines
your boyfriend, my dear, is the devil
he dances when he thinks no one’s around
he smiles when you aren’t looking
and seems to be keeping records.

your youth is a dress that doesn’t fit
after lunch take a good, hard look at yourself
and begin to formulate a plan.

it suddenly dawns on her
marriage is still a possibility
even as the weatherman predicts clouds of uncertainty.

a few borderline schizophrenics
feel her touch of discomfort
but Saint Joan wants a contract.


“of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.”

Ecclesiastes 12 :12

remember change is inevitable,
except from vending machines.