burntbook“Electricity for Beginners”  – the revised edition

This title was originally inspired by the name of a Physics textbook I noticed while at Secondary school. It refers to the electrical activity of the brain, i.e. thought, rather than the mathematically challenging world of Physics.

“Why Beginners?”

I guess it would be a pun on the fact that the general populous would seem to use such a miniscule amount of the brainpower they were gifted with. Most widely held varieties of the of “ultimate truth” are drawn into question. It suggests that people have been generally hoodwinked, thus the word beginners refers to another look at things.

Why “Revised Edition?”

Well, the original attempt at this book was made about 30 years earlier, but somehow the original manuscript went missing. Some of it was even plagiarized (the ultimate compliment, I guess). The core of the idea remains, however.

The world of Norman Normal has survived!

Hardly Gnome 2002

Gnomes on Dope – G.O.D.

A virtual cult is hiding in the pages.

The reader is advised that he or she may be subject to an illusion generated by an evil genius.

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Gnomic utterances and “pomes” attributed to the prophet who as yet has not been revealed.

” It is impossible to love your neighbour as yourself. So become someone else before it is too late.”

“A fatal beating maybe the only way to knock some sense into a person. Therefore, it maybe in your best interest to exercise patience.”

“Take another tablet …… Moses did.”

“Jesus is the Way.

Don’t succumb to religion.”

Publisher: Hardly Gnome Press

Date: 2010