Grandmother’s last wish to have gnomes lining funeral route scuppered

Over her lifetime she had collected a series of  garden gnomes from all over the country.

So when it came to her funeral, Veronica Pratt had one special request – she wanted the colourful little characters to line the route.

The family of the 82-year-old grandmother duly obliged, placing … (read more…)

There was a young lady from Guelph
Who fell in love with an elf
When they finally arrived home
She found twas a (read more…)

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The text is written by me in an attempt to mim... Image via (read more…)

Be warned of the increased worldwide activity of the NNN (No Nomes NoHow)
NNN Roll of Shame The following organisations and groups lent their support to the NNN during a recent anti-gnome campaign in the UK:

AAGS – Anarchists Against Gnomes – predictable!
BAGS – Bankers Against Gnomes – even more predictable!
CAGS – Cuba Against Gnomes – any excuse to leave the country
COAGS – Composters Against Gnomes – very surprising!
DAGS – Di … (read more…)