I have made my decision
I am building a religion.
It started with a thought
It started with a vision.
It won’t be very sad
It won’t be very funny.
One thing you can be sure.
It’ll generate some money.

It will be built upon fear
The threat of a fire everlasting
Stirred up with greed
And obligatory fasting.

A virtual cult is hiding in the pages. Buy the Book !

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Buy on iTunes Gnomes on Dope was inspired by the book, Electricity for Beginners, the original edition, (still in a state of disappearance) not to be confused with the Revised Edition (after treatment)

Excerpts from Electricity for Beginners. A hedge of protection was developed concurrently with gnomic utterances and pronouncements. The privet is constructed of what on the surface appears “deep” but potentially is just disinformation. Buy the Gnomes On Dope book at Amazon.com – just click on the book image to the right  >>>>>>>>>>>>> Its purpose is to protect the inner sanctum from penetration, except of course from the most ardent investigator. With such lines as “The High Priests of Nostalgia stink up the place” or “the blind man smiles when you aren’t looking, standing in the rain. He really wants a sex change operation” a barrier is constructed to ward off casual inquiry.  ~

Gnomic Utterances

It is better to be in a place that doesn’t fulfill. It is even better to be in a place of suffering. We desire neither.

Our God is a jealous God. He knows how to get our attention.

God wants vital men, men to wrestle with, men who screw up so bad, that nothing else but the real thing will satisfy them.

He doesn’t want to share you with a warm and fuzzy church, or even your beautiful family, if they have become your source of comfort. If anything is going good in our lives, it just distances us from God. It becomes a substitute.

We are depraved and God loves us to much to leave us there.

We live in a bubble where even the pangs of birth and death are anaesthetized. The cries of the innocent dying of starvation, disease and violence are but distant thoughts we may get to next week if our schedule allows.

Hardly Himself – 200? 

Gnomes & Gnomides

One of a race of imaginary beings (Hardly), first conceived as spirits of the earth, inhabiting its interior and that of everything earthly, animal, vegetable, or mineral. The gnomes ultimately came to be regarded as the special guardians of mines and, malicious in all other relations, and extremely ugly and misshapen; while the females of the race, called gnomides, not more than a foot high, were endowed with supreme beauty and goodness, and, being the special guardians of diamonds, were chiefly known in the countries that produced them.Swift on his sooty pinions flits the gnome, And in a vapour reach’d the dismal dome. Pope, R. of the L., iv. 17.

Ok so we do sell gnomes too!